Review Approval, Edit & Delete Mod

This mod allows new reviews to automatically be set to "pending" status. The admin can then periodically review all pending reviews, and either approve them or reject them. Only approved reviews will show up under their respective product. Reviews can also be editied and deleted with this interface.

BCS Engineering
Copyright (c) 2004 BCS Engineering
Carrie L. Saunders
All rights reserved.
See for full license
For X-cart versions 4.0.x

NOTE: You should always make a back-up copy of your files and database before installing any modification.


  1. Uncompress the zip and copy all the files into their appropriate directories. (Note: If you had our free Reviews Search Edit and Delete mod, replace those files with the new ones found in this zip)
  2. Add to skin1/admin/menu.tpl

    <A HREF="{$catalogs.admin}/reviews_edit.php" class=VertMenuItems>Edit reviews</a><BR>


    <A href="{$catalogs.admin}/ratings_edit.php" class="VertMenuItems">{$lng.lbl_edit_ratings}</A><BR>

  3. Add to skin1/common_templates.tpl

    {elseif $main eq "reviews_edit"}
    {include file="admin/main/reviews_edit.tpl"}

    after the first {if} {include} pair

  4. In xcart_directory/vote.php replace this line:

    $reviews = func_query ("SELECT * FROM $sql_tbl[product_reviews] WHERE productid='$productid'");

    with this line (this should be 1 line, so take out any hard returns from copy/pasting):

    $reviews = func_query ("SELECT * FROM $sql_tbl[product_reviews] WHERE productid='$productid' and approved='Y'"); # BCSE Changed

  5. Also in xcart_directory/vote.php replace this line:


    with this line:


  6. In skin1/modules/Customer_Reviews/reviews.tpl add to the top of the file:

    {if $smarty.get.reviewed eq "yes"}

  7. Finally add the following Language Variables in your x-cart Admin.
    Variable Description Value
    txt_reviews_approved Review(s) Approved Selected Review(s) Approved
    txt_reviews_rejected Review(s) Rejected Selected Review(s) Rejected
    txt_thank_you_reviewed Thank you for your Review Thank you for your review! It will be added to our site as soon as a web admin approves it!<BR><BR>