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BCS Engineering :: Marketing Manager Feature Comparison

Marketing Manager Feature Comparison
X-cart Add on Module feature Comparison

This chart shows you which features come with the X-cart add ons you purchase.

Please note the Marketing Manager BUNDLES offer condsiderable savings over purchasing seperate add ons. We group our Add On's into Packs so when you purchase a pack you will recieve the features indicated below.

All Add On packs work seperately OR lock together to work in sync.

Features marked NEW are the differences between Marketing Manager Pro 2.0 and the new 3.0 version


  Feature List

Graphical user interface enhanced thoughout the range

New Bar charts added to reports


NEW X-cart 4.X compatibility

Personalised Emailing features
*see newsletter features for more

Search for customers who bought by product and email them a newsletter or view their emails, fantastic for UPSELLING more the intelligent way.


Search for customers who bought by category and email them a personlised email or view their emails, you can target emails based on wide product interest, this gives you superb new ways to sell more to your customers.


Personalized email sender module


Send emails with ONE CLICK unsubscribe links automatically placed at the bottom


Send Plain AND HMTL multipart emails to your customers automatically, no need to worry whether your customer can read HTML or not.


Filter out customers who do not want to receive emails from you and show/email only those subscribed to your shop newsletter

Reports features

Top 5 Products report MONTHLY report on a 12 month breakdown


Top 5 Orders report MONTHLY report on a 12 month breakdown


NEW! Monthly Summary report of number of orders, products sold, customers, now with net sales and shipping break downs


Annual revenue reports showing a 12 month summary which shows your overall shop trend


Product revenue and purchase report via date ranged search


Category revenue and category performace report with quick filter of customers who bought from them.


Product PROFIT reports based on TRADE price. Works out which of your products actually make you the most money during any time period


ORDER PROFIT reports based on TRADE price. Works out how much profit you make from each order, taking into account shipping and discounts



NEW! Fully configurable advanced Order Profit forumla entry. Allows you to take into account any additional costs you need with simple formulas like total-shipping+3.00


 Advanced Export Features

Export filtered customer emails to TEXT file


Export customer name/address/phone/email etc to CSV file
*requires Marketing Manager Standard or Search Add on


Export customer name/address/phone/email etc to text file


Affiliate Window Data feed export and configurator

 Advanced customer search, view, export, TARGET marketing email features

Search for repeat customers, by number of orders and date ranges and email, view or export them


Search for customers who used discount coupons within any date range and email or export them


Search for customers by last login dates, this way you can target your active customers, and even target those who have not logged in at all since their last order and bring them back to your site


Search for your Big Spenders, by filtering out all customers who spent over $$$ by order total, sub total or shipping all via date range and email or export them


Search for customers via country, company, city locations and target contact and sales by "locale"

Newsletter sending,
import/export/viewing control features

Newsletter subscription list batch import emails into the newsletter subscription list


Newsletter subscription list export to text file of all subscribers


Newsletter subscription list edit, view, delete and clear of the x-cart subscriber list


Send emails with ONE CLICK unsubscribe links automatically placed at the bottom


Send Plain AND HMTL multipart emails to your customers automatically, no need to worry whether your customer can read HTML or not.


NEW: X-cart 4.X Multi subscription list support


NEW: HTML and Plain Template editor


NEW: HTML and Plain text newsletter saveable templates that you can quickly call into the email senders.


Visitor, campaign tracking, reporting and search engine statistics
Visitor, campaign tracking, reporting
and search engine statistics

NEW! Follow LIVE customers as they browser you site, actually SEE the page change as their page changes!


NEW! Unique Visitor tracking, stop counting minor page views, we only count fully loaded pages


NEW! Faster enchanced tracking, huge speed improvements


NEW! Quick jump links to daily profit, sales reports


NEW! Optimised database tables, with tracking maintenance areas


View live Customers on site, see where they came from and what pages they are viewing and how long they have spent on your site


View customer activity on the site for the past 24 hours


Simple understandable referer statsitics
reports, see exactly who is sending you traffic


Search Engine KEYWORD reporting and tracking (i.e the keywords your customers used to find you on the major search engines)


Last 24 hours of visitor to sales conversion ratio in $ values


Campaign tracking
, track your advertising campaign click throughs to either the PHP OR static catalog

Other features and utilities

Ebay module Generate professional looking Ebay auction Descriptions in seconds directly from your product data and shop images


NEW Ebay module enhancement Templates can now be edited directly online


Wishlist viewer
, see what your customers have in their wishlists and email them


Review viewer
, see all the recent product reviews on your site at a glance and edit them quickly


Inventory viewer and exporter
, View and export inventory for stock levels, and price levels to screen or CSV excel file by category, this exporter also exports ALL wholesale prices or just or normal prices

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